Fjellsmug Rekords


  • [fs008] Lasse Løberg - Fantoft Safari

    There’s strange things happening at Fantoft. The quirky, wobbly kind of stuff. With guitars lulling and voices calling from unknown places. Far out in the Norwegian woods, where quiet is the new loud and black metal was born from dark wads of smoke. Everyone coming here is immediately pauperised. The only option to get staff of life is a place called safari. If dreams were like horses – we would all ride.
    “Soothing and chilled, you probably need this EP if you’ve been celebrating Christmas in style.” The Sound of Confusion
    “A downtempo leftfield affair, just right for dark nights huddling round the radiator. Download now.” AcidTed Blog

  • [fs007] Sunday At The Mintons - Sunday At the Mintons

    Sunday At The Mintons comes along with a lot of vintage synth sounds, great commitment and spaceout effects. Like John Maus and Marc Nguyen Tan had a cup of tea and some scones together. Sophisticated both in musical and literary terms, he serves danceable dark tracks from the Colognian west.

    "I dig it!" White Denim ^^^

    "[I'm] about to assbomb into [my] wednesdaily raydio show with a booming track by Sunday At The Mintons in the Kopfklang remix." Hans Nieswandt

    "[...] our pick for tonight." ghost fm

  • [fs006] Perfume Uniform - Cologne Remixed

    All the fantastic remixes for Perfume Uniform's debut EP "Cologne" on one release. From the deep Norwegian undergrunn with Lavender Green to the laidback bossa remix of Mäd Mandy. It's all in here. Colourful and cajoling as the artwork-remix by Lina adumbrates...

    "Schöne Musik, vielen Dank!" Hans Nieswandt

    "This is fragile indie acoustic mixed with all manner of trap and house with a melancholy and beautiful outcome." AcidTed Blog

  • [fs005] Silent Enjoyment - St. Luke's Place

    Here comes Silent Enjoyment’s sophomore EP after their acclaimed debut “From Tulsa to Des Moines” from 2012. A second round of nordic guitars, lush atmospheres and dope beats. Another cozy pair of tracks that will make your head nod while your mind wanders through deep German forests and wide Norwegian fjords. Superb stuff.

    “Some voices grab you from the very first moments and that’s what Mäd Mandy did (…) A sort of bizarre (but excellent) mixture from the icecold electronics by Belcanto and the crazy sounds from say Boards Of Canada or The Knife. Hmmmm, actually that good yes!” Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine

  • [fs004] Perfume Uniform - Cologne

    “Cologne” is a five track E.P. somewhere in between lo-fi acoustics, tech-house engines and electro-pop goodies.

    You can buy the CD on bandcamp or at the Kompakt Recordstore in Cologne ( or you can drop us a line to and we can arrange things personally.

    “Aber dieser durchaus weltoffene Elektrotitel, den ich da eben gespielt habe von Perfume Uniform, der beschäftigt mich schon seit einigen Wochen.” 1Live Fiehe

  • [fs003] Kopfklang - Tanzen & Schlafen

    “Tanzen & Schlafen” is a 4 track EP that represents the essence of everything we like about techno and ambient music. We hope that you like it as much as we do.
    You can buy this EP on an oldschool cassette in a beautiful handmade case that gives kudos to the stunning artwork made by Lina.

    “Shit that’s usually not up my alley is techno but this EP has a special ambient feel to it. I can get into it – possibly busting a move.” – Poule d’Or Blog

  • [fs002] Fjellsmug Kompilation One

    “Fjellsmug Kompilation One” is a heartwarming 8-track mix of the upcoming Fjellsmug Rekords artists. It tells you a story not written yet. A story of drowning and appearing again on the horizon. Download is possible at a no minimum name your own price basis. You can also buy this Kompilation in CD-format! It comes in a beautiful handmade cover artwork. Price is 5 € within Germany including shipping costs. For the rest of world 7 €. (SOLD OUT!)

    “This compilation has something for everyone, from wondrous ambient to echoing acoustic. From electronica, to more beat-oriented music.” – InvisibleGuy Blog

  • [fs001] Silent Enjoyment - From Tulsa To Des Moines

    Two cozy songs – perfect companions for one’s way home after a night out. Or for the blueberry pancake breakfast thereafter.

    “Slow-mo metallic techno territory. Superb stuff.” – BassMusicBlog
    “If you ever loved anything from the Artificial Intelligence series, this is for you.” – AcidTed Blog

    “From Tulsa cuts straight to the heart.” Dots & Dashes Blog