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  • Lasse Løberg's brand new "Bayou"

    So here’s to a new Lasse Løberg tune. One that unfortunately didn’t make it on the EP. If you dig it, sjekk out the whole lotta luv via bandcamp. Cheers

  • New Lasse Løberg Song Together With Andou

    Lasse Løberg from Cologne and Andou from Copenhagen teamed up in Berlin for this garage-2step-ukhouse tune with danish lyrics. Hopefully there’s more to come from these guys in 2016…

  • Lasse Løberg EP "Fantoft Safari" Out Now

    Ev’ryone, here’s Lasse Løbergs debut EP on Fjellsmug Rekords. With guitars lulling and voices calling from unknown places. Listen / Download / Share now via our releases section.

  • "Cologne EP" available at Robotbutikken in Bergen

    Good news for the Nordmenn. At the Robotbutikken in Bergen (one of our favourite stores in the world) you can buy some of the last copies of Perfume Uniforms Cologne EP still. It's sold out at our homepage and bandcamp - so with a couple of copies at the Kompakt Recordstore in Cologne these are the last ones ever. Ever ever. We hope you'll enjoy the music.

  • Last copies of Perfume Uniforms "Cologne EP" available at Kompakt Recordstore

    We brought our last copies of Perfume Uniforms spectecular "Cologne EP" to our friends from the Kompakt Recordstore in Cologne the other day. This means that it is completely sold out via bandcamp and our homepage. So we would like to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you for supporting the band and us. 2015 will be the year of Perfume Uniforms sophomore EP - so stay tuned. And if you don't have a copy of their debut yet - well hurry up to the Werderstraße in Cologne...

  • Fjellsmug Mix compiled by Lasse Løberg

    Our boy Lasse Løberg is in a pretty solemnly mood. So he digged deep through the soundcloud universe to compile a nice collection of tracks from Fjellsmug Rekords artists, friends and friends of friends. You get the picture by playing this beautiful set. Enjoy and take care.
    Happy holidays everybody.

  • Pierre Anhalter in the Silent Enjoyment Remix

    Our favourite duo Silent Enjoyment just made a beautiful relaxed dubbed out remix of the great track “Das Große Schwarze Nichts” by Pierre Anhalter. Check it out and make sure to grab your free download.

  • Sunday At The Mintons - >Tocotronic< Cover

    The great Sunday At The Mintons comes along with a new track - apparently a cover version of one of his favourite groups >Tocotronic< - It comes with a touching anecdote from his youth - check it out via soundcloud or right here right now:

  • Sunday At The Mintons EP out now

    Mesdames et Messieurs, here’s our new EP. Four tracks of vintage bliss and spaced out euphoria. Plus a stunning remix from ‘the upcoming berlin producer’ Kopfklang.

    Listen / Download / Share now via our releases section.

  • Sunday At The Mintons Video

    Yes, it is Sunday and you would like to know what´s going on at the Mintons? Here you get even more than a tiny glimpse of the forthcoming EP from Sunday At The Mintons which we are going to release next Friday.

  • New Homepage Online Now

    Since you're here - you might have recognized already: Yeah we got us a pretty new homepage. And we like it a lot! Hopefully you'll dig it as well.

    Always remember: pink wins.

    A big shout out and thanks to our man Katta. He's been spending a lot of time programing this. Props bro. It looks fab!

  • New Release: Cologne Remixed featured on Hans Nieswandts Setlist

    We released our fifth release the other week – it features all the pretty remixes for Perfume Uniform’s debut – the acclaimed Cologne EP. These come from Norway, Sweden and Germany.

    Oh boy, how we love these different mixes. The best thing is, Hans Nieswandt is digging the release and played the opener of the EP – the beautiful stomping fluffy underground Lavender Green Remix in his DJ-set for radio 1Live

    We are so touched by this. Please give the EP a listen / download / share via our releases section.

  • [fs005] Silent Enjyoment - St. Luke's Place >Out Now<

    December has come. And it brings you our fifth Fjellsmug release.

    D’you remeber 2012, when our first release, the acclaimed “From Tulsa To Des Moines”-EP came out? Now here’s the follow up. Silent Enjoyment’s sophomore EP that goes by the name “St. Luke’s Place” – superb stuff.

    The good thing is – you can download it for free or for any price you want to pay.

    Listen / Download / Share now via our releases section.

  • Out Alone Tonight - Silent Enjoyment Remiks

    Now here’s a fresh remix from Lasse Løberg and Mäd Mandy aka Silent Enjoyment – they gave the opener of Perfume Uniforms ‘Cologne EP’ a whole new treat.

    AcidTed from London writes: “It’s like a dubbed out Trap track, with seemingly random fragments of vocal scattered around. If you like to walk on the weird side, you’ll like this.”

    Well, we couldn’t have said it in any better words. Check it out via soundcloud. Free download is on the house of course.

  • [fs004] Perfume Uniform - COLOGNE Out Now

    We proudly present you our fourth release.. It comes from Perfume Uniform and is called Cologne.

    “Acoustic guitars in electronic music? But of course!” – Adrian Recordings

    “‘Out Alone Tonight’ is a driving house-gem. Glockenspiel and lo-fi guitars are dancing through the wintercold side by side with highly compressed drums and raw synths.” NRK P3

    We are so happy about this release. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

    Listen / Download / Share now via our releases section.

  • FriFormRadio with Katta.

    This week Fri Form Radio aired another faboulous mix of music – this time it was compiled by our man Katta.

    The sound comes deep from the underground stations of Hermannstraße it seems. Straight forward and tough-minded techno as it’s best. From time to time that’s pretty much all we need here at Fjellsmug headquaters. We hope you like it as well. Read all about it here.

  • Let's say 'Hi' to Katta.

    Katta. has been a labelmate from day one. And now he has luckily found his way onto our artist section as well. We are pretty excited for upcoming beats and basslines from Berlin Neukölln. And first of all for next weeks Fri Form Radio Mix – where Katta is spinning some records for greater Oslo. Big up!

  • Lasse Löberg & Mäd Mandy - FriFormRadio Mix 10

    Mäd Mandy and Lasse Löberg made a very special Mix for that very special radioprogram Fri Form Radio – Last night it was aired in greater Oslo (our favourite favourite city by the way – sorry Bergen). So there we had plenty of cab drivers, kiosk owners, wakefuls, students, nurses and people just like you and me sitting next to their radios and listening to some heavy tunes mixed by those simpatico, handsome, young and talented two fellas from Cologne.

    The mix contains some tunes that will come out on EPs from Fjellsmug Rekords later this year as well as two very exclusive (and breathtaking) acapellas by the one and only Mäd Mandy. Read all about it here.

  • Kopfklang - Tanzen & Schlafen Tape Release

    Okidoki. Our third release gets some proper blog love from different places in the world (such as London, Göteborg and Berlin for example). But we don't stuff around. After hours we spent cutting and gluing we can proudly present you our tape version of "Tanzen & Schlafen" by Kopfklang. And these are again truly beautiful.


    The cases give kudos to the stunning artwork from Lina. The tapes are blue and thereby perfectly matching the artwork. And we have put an extra portion of love into every single cassette we produced here. Therefore it's limited to only 30 pieces (we simply didn't had more love to spare). We promise you that you'll feel it, when you get one in your hands.


    Another extra you get only with the tape is an extraordinary bonus track by Kopfklang himself. And a download of the release is included as well - of course.


    Good thing is, the price is only 5 € for one tape. We only add shipping costs to the extent they are incurred (1,50 € within Germany - 4 € for the rest of the world). We think that's a fair deal.

    Just contact us via to purchase a tape. You can also use bandcamp to buy one.

  • [fs003] Kopfklang - Tanzen & Schlafen Out Now

    We slipped our third release the other day.

    It is called "Tanzen & Schlafen" and comes from an artist called Kopfklang. You may remember him - he did the first song on our Fjellsmug Kompilation One earlier this year (this track is also featured on the EP).


    "Tanzen & Schlafen" represents straight adamant techno with a lot of soul at heart. It provides warmth and frostiness. Alertness and doziness. Radicalness and lenity. We are really happy to release it on our little label.


    In addition, Lina from Granada has made a very unique and beautiful artwork to the EP. You can check it out on top of the page.


    The girls from Pims Production provided a video that is breathtaking. We always had a thing going for the combination of techno music and nature. 'Königsforst' from Gas, 'Substrata' by Biosphere, 'Midnight Magic' by Skatebård - all big influences on our music here. So we were very happy that the young filmmakers  had the same association when listening to "Tanzen & Schlafen".


    And still it's so hot:


    Kopfklang - Tanzen (Fjellsmug Rekords) from Pims Production on Vimeo.

  • An Elly Higginbottom Remix of the latest Hot Chip tune

    ‘Elly Higginbottom’ is smokin’ hot! Take a listen to her first remix she did for the London-hipsters of ‘Hot Chip’. It takes the driving beat of the original, adds some tb-303 synth and distorted/phasing guitars. And on top you get Elly singing in her dark mysterious and clear as crystal ways. Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Big up Elly!

    Check it out via soundcloud.

  • Fjellsmug Kompilation available as Limited Edition CD Version

    After hours of handicraft work we can proudly present you our very first physical release. It's the intriguingly 'Fjellsmug Kompilation One' - and it comes in a beautiful handmade cover artwork. All golden and glittering. The CD itself has this fancy vinyl look, y'know. It's so chic. The Ladies all love it. And for that reason the boys surely love it as well.


    To talk business a little: It's only 5 € for a CD within Germany. That includes shipping already. For international orders we charge 7 € - because shipping is a little more expensive.


    That's quite a fair deal, isn't it?! You could even get some for chrismas already. Imagine how much less worries that would make for the next 7 months.


    Anyway. Drop us a line to and we'll sort things out. Easypeasy.

  • WhoMadeWho - Silent Enjoyment Remix

    Mäd Mandy and Lasse Løberg gave WhoMadeWho's "Never Had The Time" a new look. Again, they turned it into a nice mellow but still rough and stark raving slo-mo techno something. These fat 808 sounds never fail. It's the same with the strings. And this time we won't even mention the airhorn...

    But please, get your own impression of this one.


  • Fjellsmug Kompilation One

    We just slipped our second release on bandcamp.

    It's called "Fjellsmug Kompilation One" and it is a heartwarming 8-track mix of the upcoming Fjellsmug Rekords artists.

    This one again is available at a no minimum name your own price basis.

    We hope that you like it as much as we do!

    It was a hell of a lot of fun to make this mix. And to work with all these upcoming artists.

    Listen / Download / Share now via our releases section.

  • Silent Enjoyment Remix of The Megaphonic Thrift

    We are pretty excited to present to you Silent Enjoyment’s FyRemiks of our favourite The Megaphonic Thrift song. Once again the excerpt of this Silent Enjoyment production is pretty chill, deep and dope. Could you wish for more?

    Make sure to check out The Megaphonic Thrift as well. They kick ass live.

  • Compiling our first Fjellsmug Kompilation

    It's sunday, the sun shies away - and we are busy compiling our very first Fjellsmug Kompilation.


    We've got all tracks collected - now it's just on us to bring them into a nice fitting order. So that they come to tell a story by themselves. It's so much fun. We can tell you. And that's because it's so good songs we're working with.


    Stay tuned for more info. The Compilation will come up to you in a couple of days.

  • We say Heida to Lavender Green

    As we're slowly recovering from last night with Todd Terje on the turntables of Colognes smoothest spot "Gewölbe", we want to take the opportunity to introduce Lavender Green to you.

    He's a talented young man, a handsome looking chap and a very good friend. Besides his solo projects, he is also a member of the Perfume Uniform Krew.

    He offers laid back but demanding tunes. Field recordings that meet up with club sounds. And deep noises from somewhere well known.

  • Hello there Kopfklang

    Today spring has hit town in Cologne. And we're in the perfect mood for welcoming Kopfklang on board of our ship called Fjellsmug. He has released two EPs on FWonk already. And the next one will be a dark deep hasty monster coming up on Fjellsmug Rekords.

  • First Fjellsmug EP "From Tulsa To Des Moines" Out Now.

    The first Fjellsmug release is out now. A pretty downtempo EP by a young duo called Silent Enjoyment. Two cozy songs - perfect companions for one's way home after a night out. And for traveling of course. In a Citroën DS for example. Or in a fast german train.

    The Fluokids from Paris obviously liked it:  

    "On poste en avance le dimanche parce qu'il vaut mieux un lundi matin avant le lever du soleil pour tout bien saisir." 

    So did the British BassMusicBlog:

    "Slow-mo metallic techno territory.  Superb stuff."

    From In Love, Not Limbo: 

    "The use of the vocals on the tracks are absolutely beautiful."

    Listen / Download / Share now via our releases section.